About CAREM, A.C.

Who We Are

CAREM is a non-profit civil association located in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico.

CAREM is authorized by the Mexican government as a tax-deductible charity and is audited annually by a licensed Certified Accounting firm.

Through the dedication of its volunteers, CAREM raises funds to sponsor cultural events and lectures, carry out projects and programs, maintain a growing research library and build the infrastructure needed to carry out all these activities in the city of Tecate, B.C. As a Mexican civil association 100% of funds raised go toward meeting our mission to identify, protect, preserve, restore, and present to the public the historical and cultural heritage of Baja California, Mexico.

CAREM's realm of activities and interests encompass the entire State of Baja California. CAREM members and supporters may be found in Ensenada, Mexicali, and Tijuana/Rosarito. CAREM meets with supporters in each area of Baja California once a year to coordinate local projects. CAREM's supporters also include U.S. and other international citizens who support the goals of CAREM and participate in a variety of ways.


For over 10 years, CAREM has built partnerships with a variety of people and organizations of the Tecate area and the larger binational region to work toward its mission of historical preservation in Baja California.

Some of the collaborating organizations include:

- Richard
- Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia
- California Medios
- Fletes Esquer
- Secretaría de Turismo del Estado de Baja California
- Tecate Pueblo Mágico
- Rancho Ojai
- Rancho La Puerta
- The International Community Foundation of San Diego
- Somos Web


All officers, directors, and committee members are volunteers who freely contribute their time, energy and resources. CAREM's Board of Directors—consisting of the officers, major program coordinators and committee members—meet monthly to monitor progress on projects and perform all duties required of the association.


CAREM’s facilities (office, library and TECATE COMMUNITY MUSEUM are located at: Calle Tlaloc #400, Col. Cuauhtemoc, Tecate, B. C., México.


Our mailing address is: P. O. Box 280 Tecate, CA 91980.

In Tecate

We recommend that all mail be directed to the Post Office in Tecate, CA due to the time it takes to receive mail in Mexico.

Call Us

TECATE COMMUNITY MUSEUM Andres Contreras, Director Phone from US: 01152 665 521 3191

Board of Directors

Tecate, B. C.

- Hernán Ibáñez Bracamontes

Vice President of Promotion and Events
Tecate, B.C.

- Ana Luisa Cintora de Arguilez

Executive Director And Secretary
Tecate, B. C.

- Lilia Corral de Kellenberger

Museum Director
Tecate, B. C.

- Isabel Sandoval

Tercer Vocal
Tecate, B. C.

- Bertha de Esquer

Tecate, B.C.

- Irma Salgado

Tecate, B. C.

- Alma M. Muñoz

Tecate, B. C.

- Mayela Ramírez

Honorary Member
Tecate, B. C.

- Federico Kellenberger

Honorary Member
Tecate, B. C.

- Michael Wilken-Robertson

Legal Advisor
Tecate, B. C.

- Gerardo Sosa Olachea

General Coordinator
Tecate, B. C.

- Andres Contreras Camargo

Library Manager
Tecate, B. C.

- Magdalena Valdez Flores

Adminstrative Assistant
Tecate, B. C.

- Tanhia Paola Barrios Palomares

Secretary Assistant

- Sofia Dolores Cota

If you have any question...

Simply call us or contact us.

01152 665 521 3191