Vendimia Tecate. June 29,2019

Vendimia Tecate. June 29,2019


Tecate, Baja California, México – The Corredor Histórico CAREM, A. C. organized the event VENDIMIA OF TECATE. A majority of the local wineries, some food establishments and local craftspeople of the region were presented at Rancho Ojai in Tecate, B.C.  The weather was perfect and a great afternoon was enjoyed by all in attendance.  Attendees tasted the products of the wine region of Tecate which has been named “the North Gate of the Baja California Wine Country”.

                CAREM’s president Hernán Ibáñez Bracamontes welcomed the approximate 250 people in attendance.  He informed the people of CAREM’s purpose for the event in addition to presenting the wonderful wines and great food of our region. he presented some of the projects over the last 15 years presenting the history and culture of the region – operation and maintenance of the Tecate Community Museum, Campo Alaska in La Rumorosa and the mission site in the Valle de Guadalupe.  With the support of the people of our region, CAREM can continue these events.  The State Secretary of Tourism, Lic.(?) Oscar Escobedo Carignan was introduced.  He informed the audience of the qualities of the “Pueblo Magico” (“Magic Village”). “ Tecate has been transforming over the recent years and is now known as “the North Gate of the Baja California Wine Country”.  It is a Pueblo Magico that is known for its’ love of history and the beautiful landscapes as well as its’ wines and popular restaurants.  All of this has transpired because of its’ people.” Also introduced were Lic. (?) Mónica Palomares Ching (Delegate for the General Secretary of the State Government in Tecate), Antropólogo Jaime Vélez Storey (Director of the Instituto Nacional de Antrópologia e História in B.C.), Lic. Eva Rquel Garcia (Subdelegada of the Secretary of Tourism in Tecate) and Alicia León (President of CANIRAC Tecate).

                The event continued with the live music of the group Essentia.  This enjoyable music encouraged the people to dance and chat under the beautiful Oak trees on into the evening.

                We wish to thank all of the wineries, gourmet restaurants, and the members and supporters that made this event possible




   VINOS GARCIA                                                                Betsy and Luther Bertrando – San Luis Obispo, CA

   VINICOLA ROAS ADE CASTILLA                                  Barbara Busch – San Diego, CA

   VIÑAS SAN VALENTIN                                                   Dianne Cowen - Poway

   EMES                                                                               Norma and Tom Frey – San Luis Obispo, CA

                                                                                            Susan and Robert Vessely – San Luis Obispo, CA

FOOD                                                                                 Cara M. Vonk – San Carlos, CA

   RESTAURANTE EL CONQUISTADOR                          Marie Anne Werner – San Luis Obispo, CA

   MALINALLI RESTAURANTE AUTOCTONO                 Hilliard Wood – San Luis Obispo, CA

   HIJOS DE LA PRIETA COCINA URBANA                    Arvilla and Larry Johnson – Campo, CA

   ARTE GASTRONOMICO                                               Maureen Phillips – Descanso, CA


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